Hemi Performance Inline 6 Cylinder Performance, Engine Parts and Information

The Hemi Chrysler 6 engine is a inline six cylinder petrol engines produced by Chrysler Australia in three displacements 215, 245 & 265 cubic inch the Hemi 6 was produced in many configurations including single barrel carburettor, 2 barrel carburettor 4 barrel carburettor & triple DCOE side draft Webers on the 6 pack chargers.The Hemi six cylinder engines were installed in Australian-market Chrysler Valiants from 1970 through 1981 being used in family sedans including the Valiant Ranger, Valiant Regal, Valiant Pacer, Valiant Charger. The Hemi 6 was used in utes, panel vans, light & heavy trucks & taxis, The South Australian Police Force used Chrysler Valiants as patrol cars as did many other Police forces in other states of Australia.

Chrysler in the USA had been working on an engine to replace the G series { Slant 6 } In Dodge trucks, After working on the project for many years it was canned. With Chrysler Australia wanting to move away from the Slant 6 225 Valiant engine they continued the project & took over from the USA engineering department & in 1970 when the VG model Valiant was released it was powered by the {4.0L} 245 Hemi six cylinder


The Hemi 6 does not a true hemispherical combustion chamber The true “Hemi” was produced by Chrysler USA in the 1950s to1970s This is often called the American Hemi V8 engine.

The Hemi 6 uses a non cross flow design cylinder head, meaning the intake and exhaust ports are on the same side of the engine.The Hemi 6 cylinder engine uses a 7 main bearing crankshaft that has a reputation for excellent performance, economy, and durability. The Hemi 6 & Slant 6 Chrysler engines really only share the same family name as none of the major components like the cylinder head, engine blocks, crankshaft, camshaft, con rods, oil pump, valve cover, rocker gear, harmonic balancer, timing cover, intake or exhaust manifolds are interchangeable.

Hemi 6 Engine Identification

By David Mizen

The engine number can be found next to the distributor.

First Digit:
All Valiant Hemi engines have a “D” prefix. Chrysler Centura Hemi engines have a “DF” prefix.

Second Digit:
The second digit refers to the size

1 215
2 245
3 265
Third Digit:
The third digit refers to the performance level
1 Low Compression
2 Standard Performance (1 BBL)
3 High Performance (2 BBL)
4 Premium Performance (Pacer, R/T & 770)
5 Six Pack (E37 & E48)
6 Six Pack (E38 & E49)
Fourth Digit:
The fourth digit refers to the gearbox type
1 Auto
2 3 speed manual
3 4 speed manual
Fifth Digit:
The fifth character is the year of manufacture.
A 1970
B 1971
C 1972
D 1973
…and so on…
Remaining Digits:
The remainder of the digits gives you the sequential build number.